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Caring for Silk

Because the silk scarves I sell are handpainted, there may be a small amount residual dye on the scarf that you see the first time you wash it. Use these tips to keep it (and any other silk you own!) in tip-top shape. 

ALWAYS hand wash your silk. 

  • Use a mild detergent and cold water in a sink or bin. Especially the first time you wash it, keep it constantly moving to avoid potentially backstaining it. It should take just a minute or two to wash. 
  • Drain the sink and fill again with cold water to rinse out detergent. 
  • Squeeze out excess water and immediately lay the scarf flat in a clean towel and roll from one edge, squeezing it when it's rolled completely into a nice log. 

NEVER wring out your silk.

ALWAYS iron silk while it is still damp. 

  • Use the lowest setting on your iron, and iron from the back side. 
  • If you're nervous you can put a clean towel (such as a dish towel) between the silk and the iron as an extra precaution against the heat, if desired.